Tuesday, October 29, 2013

HPO Discounts: A Benefit of Membership

In the United States, health care is generally known as the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness, and any physical and/or mental impairments in human beings. This being said, the state of this nation's health care system can conventionally be regarded as one of the most important factors in determining the general well-being of the American people. As any well-functioning health care system requires (1) a professionally-trained and adequately-compensated work force that includes physicians, surgeons, allied health professionals, nurse practitioners, pharmaceutical technicians, and other health care providers; (2) the implementation of public health policies designed to meet the health care needs of target populations; and (3) well-maintained facilities and logistics where new technologies and quality medications can be developed, tested, and administered. But as with any functioning organism, the American health care system could not function at its full potential if the above mentioned institutions were to work as separate entities, rather than cooperating with one another in order to efficiently provide both personal, as well as population-based, preventative, curative, and rehabilitative care services.

Healthcare Professional Organization Club, or HPO Club, was established specifically to bridge the gap between professionals within the health care industry. It provides a platform upon which its members are able to easily locate, connect, and build lasting relationships with other members within its network of health care professionals. And being that health care professionals are required by the American Medical Association to keep up with the latest in medical research and technological advancements, HPO Club strives to offer the most efficient and accountable methods for professionals to network with colleagues, medical institutions, and medical manufacturers that the Internet has to offer. The organization encourages its members to simplify their lives while simultaneously bettering the services they provide to their communities. 

HPO Club provides its members with benefits that are tailored to each of their specific needs. Medical practitioners, hospitals, vendors, and even non-medical sponsors are each offered a variety of benefits that facilitate in keeping them up-to-date with the most current medical advancements. 

For medical practitioners, one of the most enticing benefits affiliated with membership is perhaps the many discounts that HPO membership offers on medical review courses. Membership guarantees access to the best providers of online continuing medical education courses (CEU). Additionally, HPO provides its medical practitioner members with information on those educational institutions that are offering the best discounted rates for each particular online continuing medical education course. Thus, members have access not only to the top providers of continuing medical education courses in the nation, but are also offered up to an unprecedented 20% discount when enrolling in their courses. Furthermore, HPO Club is the only healthcare professional organization that offers discounted review courses with the American Medical Institute. And as if that weren't enough incentive to join, HPO medical practitioner members who undergo the American Medical Institute’s "Practice Clinic" will receive a full refund if they do not pass the United States Medical Licensing Step 2 Clinical Skills Exam. The aforementioned discounts, on online medical CEU courses, should be incentive enough for medical practitioners to join the Healthcare Professional Organization Club.

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